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eTukuri local platform was launched in 9th October 2019 and is a service specially designed for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). eTukuri local platform consist of 3 major components that including eTukuri shop, vessel management system and the existing domestic postal network. 

eTukuri local platform allows local merchants to sell and ship their products within the country through the nationwide delivery network in a single platform which will accommodate virtual shops; while customers will be able to shop from wide range of products through payment gateway and have it delivered timely to the preferred location within Maldives.

Wide Range of products available
Convenient Shopping
Competitive delivery rates
Safe & Easy payment
Secure & reliable delivery Service with more than 100 years of experience in postal service.
Ship anywhere in the Maldives
Track orders- Get instant updates on package delivery
Reliable customer service
How does it work?
Merchants can register a new account at eTukuri Shop.
After completing the registration process, merchants can enter their desired products through the platform.
Customers can purchase listed products in eTukuri
Maldives Post will take responsibility to deliver the products to customers.
Merchants will receive payment from Maldives Post.
Why Choose eTukuri Local?
No registration fee
No registration fee for merchants to enter and expand their business through eTukuri shop. Moreover, eTukuri Shop will enable merchants to reduce their overhead expense.
Free Product listing
eTukuri shop will enable merchants to list any products ranging from houseware, clothes to locally produced goods.
Broader customer base
eTukuri shop will not only enable merchants to market their products to local customer base, but will have the option to market their products to a customer base who are across multiple geographies via cross border ecommerce.
Customer service
We take pride in providing competent customer service to our clients. We also encourage the merchants to follow the same routine with regard to customer service
eTukuri shop will enable merchants to market their products to a wider audience, at a relatively low cost. With broader promotional activities and events, we promote to increase store sales.
Online Presence
More than 80% of the online population has used the internet to purchase something. Establishing an online presence will give merchants a competitive advantage.
Localized Site
eTukuri shop will especially thrive in Maldives, due to Maldives Post’s deep insights into local customers’ shopping behaviors and preferences.
Low operational cost
Through web based eTukuri shop, merchants can automate inventory management and decrease the costs associated with it. In addition, eTukuri shop does not come with the same overhead costs as physical store.
Logistics and delivery
We take responsibility to deliver any products through eTukuri shop. Thus, merchants can save time and money spent on logistics and delivery
24/7 available
eTukuri shop will be open round the clock 24/7, 7 days a week, and 365 days. Hence, eTukuri shop provides merchants the freedom to upload products at their own pace and convenience.
Supply on demand
The merchant dashboard will allow merchants to upload their desired products, and the dashboard will alert merchants to what they are running low on, or whether they are experiencing an uptick in demand for a certain item.
Secure and reliable
With the latest incorporation of technologies, we ensure safe and secure transactions with reliable customer service.
Reduced risk
Merchants will find eTukuri shop platform as an easier, more cost-effective strategy without significant investments.
Easy payment methods
Through eTukuri shop, customers can either pay through BML payment gateway or pay cash on delivery.

Destinations and delivery standards


Anywhere within the Maldives

Delivery standards

Male’ region: within 24hours*



Within island: 24hours*

To other islands: 3 – 10 days*

*Terms and conditions apply.

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